Tissue-Engineered heart valves: CRYOpreserved valves for autologous cell recellularisation


People involved: Gianfranco B. Fiore, Monica Soncini, Riccardo Vismara, Andrea Pavesi, Alberto Redaelli

Funding source: Research Ministry Grant

Funding period: 2005 - 2009

Partners: Monzino Cardiology Centre and Italian Homograft Bank (BIO), Milan.

Aim of the project is to identify and standardize all the experimental procedures needed to obtain valvular substitutes from valvular homografts recellularized in advanced culture systems able to provide controlled mechanical stimuli to the cellular tissue and to monitor the engineered valve tissue’s biomechanical status during its maturation. The participants to the project cooperate in order to design and develop the bioreactor to cultivate the valve tissue in vitro and to identify the procedure needed for the decellularization and recellularization of the valve homograft. The ultimate aim is the valve homograft recellularization and the morpho-functional evaluation of the engineered tissue obtained with the experimental procedures set during the project. The long-term rebound of the project would be the start-up of a specialized centre able to provide cellularized homograft to be implanted. These kind of valvular substitutes will have many advantages with respect to the valve substitutes currently used and they will be particularly indicated for young patients.