Maria Oliveira, MSc

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Maria Oliveira comes from Seia, Portugal and she started her Biochemistry degree in University of Aveiro (Portugal) in 2014. In her bachelor project, at COMPASS group (Aveiro), she started to get interested in biomaterials and regenerative medicine where she characterized the effect of surface-coated polymer microparticles on macrophage metabolism through 1H NMR spectroscopy. On her Master thesis she moved to Maastricht, The Netherlands where she worked at MERLN Institute. Her work focused on creating 3D-printed scaffolds with dual porosity and controllable topography, fabricated from additive manufacturing and Thermally Inducible Phase Separation (TIPS) and analysing the mechanical properties effect on the modulation of macrophages. Maria is now a PhD student in Bioengineering at Politecnico di Milano in the framework of MSCA-ITN SINERGIA project at MiMic Lab. Her work focus on the development of a patient-specific lab-on-chip cardiac microtissue model of dystrophin deficient cardiomyopathy.