December 2020 - TToP True Tissue on Platform, a new start-up project on in vitro cell & tissue cultures, is the winner of the 2020 award “Innovation 4 Covid-19” and of the entrepreneurial acceleration programme Switch 2 Product, supported by GetIt! Twice Fondazione Social Venture GDA.

In vitro preclinical studies and animal testing often fail to predict drug safety and efficacy, due to their limited mimicking of the human physiological environment. TTOP is a low-cost, highly scalable and extremely user-friendly technological solution, that aims to increase the efficiency of the drug discovery and development process, replicating the human physiological microenvironment of specific tissues. The main features of TTOP are: 1) the possibility to host different structures inside a retrievable cartridge (e.g., microporous membranes, 3D scaffolds, tissue biopsies); 2) the ability to enable bicompartmental cultures; 3) the optical accessibility to both sides of the hosted structure; 4) the possibility to retrieve in a controlled manner the biological sample and to reuse it for further analysis or other experiments.