BioMolEng Lab

Biomolecular Engineering Lab


The Biomolecular Engineering Lab focuses on the investigation and engineering of biomolecules and biomaterials by using molecular modeling simulations.

Molecular modelling provides a virtual microscope, which allows us to investigate the properties of biomolecules in a way which is not possible in laboratory experiments. We use computational simulations to study the structure and properties of proteins and other relevant biomolecules in order to predict their structure when inaccessible with experiments, to investigate key biophysical properties, or to understand the molecular mechanisms of diseases.

Molecular modelling allows us also to rationally design new or improved biomolecules. We develop bioinformatics tools to guide atomistic design of new biomolecular structures and functions, limiting the cost- and time-consuming laboratory trial-and-error procedures. By using computer algorithms we engineer biomolecules to achieve novel or improved feature such as peptides that self-assemble in organized structures or enzymes with improved thermal stability.  Experiments in collaborating laboratories are used to validate our designs and computational methods and to highlight areas for improvement in the computational methods.







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