Lorenzo Coppadoro, MSc

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Lorenzo Coppadoro was born in 1993 in Milan. He graduated in July 2015 at Politecnico di Milano with a thesis focused on the design and evaluation of a thermo-fluid dynamic set-up for the selective cooling of rat brain ventricles. He studied 6 months in Gent at the Universiteit Gent, with the Erasmus+ Program, in which he extended his knowledge about nanostructured materials and nanomedicine. During the second year of the master, he started working on the development of an innovative device for cell and tissue engineering at the ╬╝Bs Lab of Politecnico di Milano. He is currently a PhD in Bioengineering at Politecnico di Milano, and he is going forward with the development of the device, in collaboration with Ospedale San Raffaele, in order to obtain a biological and clinical validation. In November 2018 he was awarded, being part of the team TidMekii, with the Switch to Product grant with a project related to malaria diagnosis.

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