BiomolEng Lab

Biomolecular Engineering Lab

biomol_lab_engThe Biomolecular Engineering Lab focuses on the investigation, design and engineering of biologic molecules and biomaterials by using molecular modeling simulations. Current research activities include:

  • Investigation and engineering of extracellular matrix proteins
  • Characterization and design of enzymes
  • Molecular mechanisms of diseases
  • Design of biomaterials for nanobiotechnological applications
  • Molecular mechanisms of mechanotransduction


Scientific Committee
Alberto Redaelli (Full Professor)
Simone Vesentini (Associate Professor)
Monica Soncini (Associate Professor)
Alfonso Gautieri (Assistant Professor)


Contact: Alfonso Gautieri - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Location: Building 21 – Via Golgi 39 – Phone: +39-02-2399-3327



  • HPC cluster with 63 nodes for a total of 884 cores, 3056 GB RAM, 2 Nvidia K40, 2 Nvidia K80 (CFDHub)
  • 7 duo-quad workstations (i7 CPUs, 8 GB ram) equipped with Nvidia “Kepler” GPU
  • 3 duo-quad workstations (Xeon5150 CPUs, 4 GB RAM)
    1 duo-quad workstation (i7 CPUs, 8 GB RAM) equipped with Nvidia Quadro 2000 GPU for visualization and 3D modeling
  • Access to NanoMed Lab

Relevant publications
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3. F. Rigoldi, A. Gautieri, A. Dalle Vedove, A. Luccarelli, S. Vesentini, E. Parisini. 2016. Crystal Structure of the Deglycating Enzyme Amadoriase I in its Free Form and Substrate-bound Complex. Proteins: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics 84, 744-758 (cover paper).

4. L. Russo, A. Gautieri, M. Raspanti, F. Taraballi, F. Nicotra, S. Vesentini, L. Cipolla. 2014. Carbohydrate-functionalized collagen matrices: design and characterization of a novel neoglycosylated biomaterial. Carbohydrate Research 389, 12-17.

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