July 2019 - ARTINESS, our start-up company focused on augmented reality applications for interventional cardiology, contributes to saving the life of a young patient affected by a rare cardiac tumor.

The collaboration between Policlinico San Donato IRCCS, the engineers at the 3D and Computer Simulation Laboratory, and our start-up company Artiness lead to success in a life-saving and extremely rare surgical intervantion to treat a cardiac tumor from the heart of a young girl. The Holographic applications developed by Artiness based on the image processing performed at the 3D and Computer Simulation Laboratory were exploited by cardiac surgeons in the surgical planning, i.e., in assessing the location, the extent and the shape of the tumor within a complex and dynamic anatomy. This is the first application ever of this approach in Italy. Coverage of the event by National newspapers and web sites was impressive (links below).




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