October 2020 - Approxima, our Polimi official spinoff is the finalist of three top-rated competitions for startups: Premio Gaetano Marzotto, Everis Awards and Atena Startup Battle.

The team of Approxima gained the opportunity to compete in the final rounds of the competitions, in a tough but exciting two-days pitching run.

Approxima, with its unique approach for tricuspid valve regurgitation, was selected as one of the best six deep-tech startups in Italy by Everis Awards and challenged ten of the most promising Italian startups in Atena Startup Battle, winning a team-building experience as a special prize.

Last but not least, Approxima pitched in the Company Idea Prize final of the renowned Premio Gaetano Marzotto. A great opportunity for the team to share its project and discuss its potential with a high-level jury, in an environment that foster innovation through a unique network. Premio Gaetano Marzotto already awarded Approxima by a one-year mentorship program with Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero, the winner of the final prize is still to be awarded so keep your fingers crossed.