Alessandro Cordiale, MSc

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Alessandro Cordiale is a Ph.D. candidate at the Microfluidics and biomimetic Microsystems Laboratory (MiMic Lab). He earned his bachelor (2018) and master (2021) degrees in biomedical engineering at Politecnico di Milano. His master thesis project was carried out at the Zentrum für Zahnmedizin of University of Zurich, and was focused on the design and validation of an organ-on-chip (OoC) to generate a 3D in-vitro model of dental pulp. After graduation, he was employed as a R&D engineer intern at BiomimX® S.r.l. and as a research fellow at MiMic Lab working on the design of electronic systems to control biological and mechanical culture parameters on OoCs. His current research activity is aimed at the development of microfluidic models of epithelial-endothelial barriers for drug discovery purposes.

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