Maria Chiara Palumbo, MSc

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Maria Chiara Palumbo was born in 1991. She obtained her master’s degree in biomedical engineering at Politecnico di Milano in 2016. Her master thesis aimed at the development of an innovative approach for the fluid dynamic evaluation of a hollow-fiber oxygenator through a dual approach: an experimental evaluation using 4D flow MRI sequence and a CFD simulation. After her studies, she started working in the echocardiography imaging laboratory at Policlinico San Donato where, together with expert cardiologists, she acquired advanced skills in the analysis of 2D-3D echocardiographic images and developed a custom software for the morphologic and functional analysis of the right ventricle from 3D acquisition. After 1 year at Policlinico San Donato she was employed by Weill Cornell Medicine in New York for two years to work in a multimodality cardiac imaging laboratory. Here, she was part of an estimated group of cardiologists actively working and publishing on different research projects (both from MRI and echocardiographic images). Currently, she is a PhD student at Politecnico di Milano where she is focusing her research on the implementation of computer-based methods for biomechanical analysis of cardiovascular disease, image processing and the development of innovative devices for interventional cardiology.