Mattia Ballerini, MSc

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Mattia Ballerini was born in 1992. He received the Bachelor degree in biomedical engineering from Politecnico di Milano in September 2014, with a thesis aimed at characterizing the deformation field of a microfluidic device for the application of uniaxial stretch. In April 2017, he earned his master degree in Biomedical engineering from Politecnico di Milano with a master thesis focused on designing and developing a portable automated control system for programmable microfluidics carried on in the MiMic Lab of Politecnico di Milano. After graduation, he worked as a contract worker at Fondazione Centro San Raffaele in a research group that aimed to disclose the role of NF-kB dynamics in Multiple Myeloma and stromal cells interactions. Currently he is a PhD student between Politecnico di Milano and European Institute of Oncology. His research activity concerns the development of a microfluidic platform to unveil the role of gut microbiome in immunotherapy outcome.

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