Simone Saitta, MSc

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Simone Saitta was born in 1993. In 2015 he obtained his bachelor’s degree, and in April 2018 he obtained his master’s degree (cum laude) at Politecnico di Milano. He developed his master’s thesis at Imperial College London, focusing on hemodynamic assessment based on 4D flow MRI and fluid-structure interaction simulations to non-invasively evaluate trans-coarctation pressure drops. In 2018 he worked as a Research Assistant under the supervision of Prof. Xiao Yun Xu at Imperial College London, where he focused on 4D flow MRI-based hemodynamic analysis in aortic dissections. He carried out part of this research project at Zhongshan Hospital in Shanghai (China), where he trained vascular surgeons to post-process 4D flow images through custom-built software. In 2019 he worked as a Research Engineer at National University of Singapore, under the supervision of Dr. Choon Hwai Yap. His research focused on fetal echocardiography image quality enhancement through multi-view image compounding. He is author or co-author of two scientific publications on peer-reviewed international journals. He is a PhD Candidate at Politecnico di Milano. His research focuses on the development of computer-based methods for biomechanical analysis of cardiovascular disease, devices for interventional cardiology and image processing.