Biomimetic Systems


People involved: Alberto Redaelli, Monica Soncini, Simone Vesentini, Gianfranco B. Fiore, Soren Enemark, Iuliana Aprodu, Mariana Ionita, Victor Ciocotisan

Funding source: Marie Curie Action Early Stage Training (EST) European Project FP6

Grant number: MEST-CT-2004-504465

Funding period: 2005 - 2008

Partners: Max-Planck Institute of Potsdam (project leader), University of Copenhagen, Université Paul Sabatier-SFCT of Toulose, University of Edinburgh and Institute of Metal Physics of the University of Leoben.


The EST Training Network proposes a multidisciplinary training programme which enables graduate students and young scientists to pursue interdisciplinary research projects. This project focuses on the new research field of Biomimetic Systems, which is at the borderline of physics, chemistry, biology, and materials research, and consists of model systems in the nano- and micro regime which mimic or imitate certain aspects of the complex self-organization in biological systems.